How To Get Free TikTok Followers

TikTok is a world sensation, no doubt about it. Getting famous has become a challenge for most of the TikTok users around the world. It becomes harder to get new followers simply because it is much harder to stand out in the crowd and gain sufficient exposure to make into the TikTok stardom. This exclusive guide unlocks the latest secrets behind TikTok and will show you best tips & tricks to boost TikTok video views and to gain a substantial amount of followers for free.

Maximize TikTok Views to Generate Free Followers

Why TikTok ‘For You’ Is Crucial for New Followers

Why TikTok ‘For You’ Is Crucial for New Followers

Understanding how the TikTok ‘For You’ algorithmic works, allows you to smartly plan and execute your content creation and its attribution, so it will be graded with a high rank. This rank will promote quality distribution of your content, among potential audiences and increase your chances of getting more views and followers. That’s easier said than done.
Use the Secret Behind TikTok ‘For You’ Page

Use the Secret Behind TikTok ‘For You’ Page

Each viewer interaction with the content is taken into account by TikTok’s ‘For You’ discovery algorithm, which results in an immediate adjustment of the content stream. TikTok customizes the user’s feed with topics of their interest and not people. There's no one ‘For You’ feed for all users. Each person's feed is unique and tailored to that specific individual. This way, TikTok ‘For You’ tab eventually shows content that the app’s algorithm believes to have the best chances to engage with the selected users.
Make Videos That Users Love to Interact With

Make Videos That Users Love to Interact With

This agile content-discovery mode updates each TikTok user’s content-feed independently from other users, with personalized content that has the higher chances to be interacted with.

These users' interactions dramatically maximizes the amount of new followers for the video creator.


Maintain a TikTok Star Strategy

Always Go For Quality

Always Go For Quality

If you are looking for a single term that should guide you throughout your TikTok video creation process, choose ‘Quality’. Note however, that Quality stands for a lot of attributes that deserve your attention. It’s not just about the content originality, but also the material’s visual and audio values - the video resolution, lighting, visual clarity and audio quality. Degraded quality videos won’t get viewers’ attention or reactions, except skipping, and will be quickly lost in the stream.

Research for Your Best Content Niche

  • Have your finger on the pulse of current TikTok trends on the “For You” page
  • Identify trending music genres, challenges or dances before they are saturated, to act in time. Use trending track on other social platforms, such as Spotify, as references
  • Share a question or poll sticker, on TikTok or other social platforms, asking your audience what kind of content they’d like to see from you
Content Approach Option #1: Ride a Trend

Content Approach Option #1: Ride a Trend

TikTok allows you to combine sound clips and music with your own original video content. The results in the mass amount of variations available for the same content, with different takes on the concept. Contributing creative and fun values to an existing trend, generates a growing number of TikTok viewers and eventually, followers.
Content Approach Option #2: Make Your Own

Content Approach Option #2: Make Your Own

If no existing trend fits your concept or creative-idea, it’s the perfect trigger to experiment with genuine concepts and ideas - your own made-up dance, meme or challenge. This bold approach requires experimentation but the reward will be more substantial in terms of traction and eventually - new followers.

Identify Target Audience & Choose the Right Scope For You

Your content needs to interest TikTok Audiences, but you need to choose between addressing a wide audience with a general interest or topic, or a niche one with content that focuses on specific topics or a narrow intent. It is recommended that you adjust content you create according to the audience you target, to get the reaction you are hoping for. Content for a wide audience have much more competition and require your content to be great to stand out. It has a potential of reaching an audience among a vast audience but not necessarily get their attention and reaction. Niche interest videos will appear in smaller amounts of ‘For You’ pages but its viewers are usually passionate enthusiasts and are more likely to react to your content and become new followers.

Make Awesome TikTok Videos To Get Free Followers

Invest in Sound, Style & Design

Invest in Sound, Style & Design

Use quirky music-theme, song or genre to attract attention. Consider modifying the music speed or tone, to generate a unique musical variation. Boldly experiment with visual features such as lenses & sounds effects once they become available. Use them moderately to avoid visual clutter. Dress up or use costumes to stand out in the crowd and don’t forget to apply an effective Call-to-Action badge to your videos, to boost viewers reactions and follow ups.
Choose Effective Action & Locations

Choose Effective Action & Locations

Use a variety of well-performed to attract and entertain your viewers. Embed some awesome lip-syncing that is always fun to watch. Play your best dance moves, especially if it’s funny. Be humble by paying creative homage to well-known physical memes. Locate unique places to shoot, where others won’t be able to easily reproduce your magic, but avoid too noisy or over-crowded environments that draw away the attention from the real star.
Smart Hashtags & Posting Timing

Smart Hashtags & Posting Timing

The right attribution helps TikTok Algorithm to channel your content to the ‘right’ audiences. Use at least 5 meaningful Hashtags to ‘guide’ TikTok in the right direction, in terms of location, interests or trend name. Time your posts according to your audience activity hours. Don’t waste precious content on off-peak hours - act smartly and post during your audiences’ peak usage times.

TikTok Hacks and Followers Generators

TikTok followers have never been so easy to get. Great content is the key. Some online services named TikTok Followers Generators or TikTok hacks websites and mobile-apps that claim to generate mass amounts of likes or followers for free, in exchange for sharing user's account credentials. On mobile, these services may overwrite user's privacy settings and risk its personal information. On a PC, they tend to manipulate TikTok users to click on ads or to share confidential information. Avoid being tricked by TikTok Hacks or generators - they will not provide new followers and may lead to account suspension, and are generally waste of time.

These Will Surely Not Get You Free TikTok Followers...

  • An overload of generic hashtags associated with your TikTok video
  • Resurrecting outdated concept or trend with no fresh take
  • Posting your video on profile pages that are irrelevant to your content’s values
  • Stiff or explicit corporate marketing messages in your video
  • Plagiarized, copyrighted, defamatory or offensive materials in your video, captions or speech

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