DIY Hair Highlighting Guide

Tired of your natural hair color? Do not rush to change it completely! Try a spectacular, careful highlighting, to freshen up your look and add volume to your hair. This quick guide will show you how easy is to make a fashionable hair highlights at home, by yourself.

Hair Highlighting Principles

Why Hair Highlighting Is So Popular

Why Hair Highlighting Is So Popular

Hair highlights are vertical lighting of individual strands, which gives the hair a visual volume. The technique involves whitening selected strands for a vivid visual effect.Highlighting your hair is much easier, and the transformation is immediately appreciates.
Benefits Of Hair Highlighting

Benefits Of Hair Highlighting

  • fashionable trend
  • visually rejuvenates the look
  • brightens the skin
  • gentle painting
  • multiple variations available, that can be tailored to your unique face and skin
  • unlimited colors
  • the performed highlighting grows beautifully and allows you not to renew the stain for a long time
What You Must Know In Advance

What You Must Know In Advance

  • Pre-treat hair with nourishing masks to reduce the harmful effects of the brightening blend.
  • Check your skin for allergies by applying a small amount of brightening blend to exposed skin. If you feel a skin irritation, you should try another product.
  • Only professional hair cosmetics are gentle and can ensure uniform hair color and health. A review of the products you will find at the end of the article.

Preparation For Hair Highlighting

Materials Needed for Hair Highlighting

Materials Needed for Hair Highlighting

  • Shampoo. Mask or balm.
  • Medical gloves. Protective cape on the shoulders.
  • Comb and narrow brush with soft bristles.
  • Paint, brightening cream and oxidizer. Better than one brand.
  • Container for mixing brightening composition. Preferably plastic, glass or ceramic.
  • Foil cut into strips. Width 10 cm. Length should be 15-20 cm longer than your hair
  • Hairpins or elastic bands. Special hairdressing clips will separate natural strands from dyed ones.
Brightening Composition Preperation

Brightening Composition Preperation

Carefully study the instructions on the dye composition. Wear gloves and mix the paint and oxidizer in the specified proportions.

Be careful - The oxidizing agent should be chosen depending on the condition of the hair and its color before highlighting. So, if you have dark, thick hair, go for 9-12%. For lighter, for example, fair-haired girls, 6-8% oxidizer is suitable, but if the hair is thin and weak, stop at 3%.

Hair Highlighting Step-by-Step

Selection Of Hair Strands

Selection Of Hair Strands

Put on your protective cape. Comb your hair, divide it into 3 parts - two side and back. Pin up strands of hair you don't need yet with hairpins or elastic bands.

Remove the clip at the back of the head and gather small strands - do this in a checkerboard pattern by selecting several thin strands from the main curl.
Apply Hair Highlighting

Apply Hair Highlighting

Apply a thin line of brightening composition to the matte side of the foil. Place a strand (or a few small strands, selected from a wide curl) on the foil. Paint quickly, moving with a brush from the ends to the top.

Fold over the bottom and sides of the foil to form a pocket. Do the same with the rest of the hair on the back of the head, temples. Dye the crown and fringe last.
Hair Highlighting Wrap Up

Hair Highlighting Wrap Up

Wait about 30 minutes. Remove the foil in the same order as you applied it, otherwise the staining will be uneven. Gently unfold each curl, trying to do it quickly. When dyed strands come into contact with uncolored strands, a beautiful glare effect is created. After removing all the foil, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and nourishing balm. Let your hair dry naturally.

Home Hair Highlighting Essensials

Fall 2020 Top Hair Highlighting Products

Fall 2020 Top Hair Highlighting Products

  • Garnier Nutrisse Nutritious Easy to apply. Nourishes with grapeseed, shea and avocado oils. Conditioning property prolongs the life of the light shade.
  • Glam Light L'Oreal Superior Preference Brightens hair quickly. Provides visual results from the first application. The optimum ratio of price and quality.
  • L'Oréal Paris Colour Expert Economical paint. Uniform coloration. Composition of nutritional care.
  • Revlon Professional Revlonissimo Colorsmetique Resistant gel paint. One application.
Mandatory Precautions

Mandatory Precautions

  • Don't forget about proper hair care
  • Do not wash your hair before highlighting: clean hair is more sensitive to harmful chemical ingredients in hair dye
  • Once the paint is washed off, use the supplied conditioner. Thanks to him, the hair after dyeing will be healthy and beautiful
  • Wear clothes that you won't care if they get stained and don’t forget the supplied gloves. Accidentally spilled mixture can permanently remain on clothes in the form of light spots
  • Never cover your hair with plastic or wear a shower cap while the dye is on your hair. This can damage them, as they heat up under the film and the alkali cannot evaporate
Post DIY Highlighting Recommendations

Post DIY Highlighting Recommendations

  • Try salon hair care treatments - hair lamination is great.
  • Do not use curling irons, irons, or high-performance hair dryers. Such gadgets will only exacerbate poor hair condition.
  • Use shampoos specially formulated for all types of hair highlights, to enhance color and add shine and lightness to your hair.
  • A mask made from oils alone can save even very dry hair. You will need almond, castor, coconut oils will do the trick. Mix these oils and heat them in a water bath. Apply to hair, cover with a towel. You can keep it on your hair all night. Then wash your hair.

Share Your Experience

Show Off Your Beauty

Show Off Your Beauty

We hope that everything worked out and you are happy with the result. The next lesson will be about creating a spectacular look at home. In the meantime, share your hair lightening experience and post photos in the comments. Offer life hacks and new ideas.

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