Chapter 2: Max Free Tokens In House Piggy Mode

Book 1: House Piggy Tutorial

In the second chapter, you will learn all hacks & secrets that any Piggy should perform on a House map to get easy wins and free tokens. This map is not in favor of Piggy, meaning that the players have many advantages. Not to worry, we've got you covered!

Step By Step Guide for Piggy Mode on House Map

If you're on the 3rd floor and someone is below the plank area on the first floor, around the carpet, jump off to the first floor, you have the advantage of taking them by surprise. Place one Black Hole Trap on one end of the basement tunnel, and another on the other end. Bonus tip: You can also place a Black Hole Trap while jumping off the third floor. Players will be suctioned towards it, get stuck, and when the trap breaks the player falls to their death. Place Teleporters by the entrance so when you hear the door open you can teleport there and scare away anyone trying to escape. Camping is a viable option, but it's not recommended, and it’s much more fun to play the game as intended. Place any traps (excluding Teleporters) below the tunnel on the third floor, when chasing someone and they go down there they will be caught. Jump off of the plank area and enjoy an easy kill. If you’re outside and the underground tunnel is just open, you can stand to the side of the vent and likely get a kill, as the player who unlocked it will most likely use it. Also place traps at the ends of the tunnel, as it may be helpful if the player is unaware of the traps. If someone uses the crawl spot on the 3rd floor which leads to the 1st floor, you can jump off the plank part to catch them. To do it - jump off the plank, and face to the exit. The door on the far left leads to where the crawl space leads to.