Chapter 1: Max Free Tokens In House Survivor Mode

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Book 1: House Survivor Tutorial

Hello and Welcome to Ultimate Roblox Piggy token-making Guide! In the first chapter, you will learn all hacks & secrets that any Player should perform on a House map to get easy wins and free tokens.

Step by Step Guide For House Map

When you spawn, here are three places to check, try to do it in order! 
First - Check the shower for the Plank. Plank is used to getting access to the second part of the third floor.
Second - Try to find the green key. It spawns in one of the three locations - the room next to the spawn Hallway, the kitchen, and outside next to the door. The green key will unlock the green door for you.
Third - Search basement for Wrench or Yellow key. The wrench will allow you to fix the panel on the Door, on the first floor, or to disable the Laser on the third floor. And a yellow key is used to open yellow doors. When being chased by a Bot on the top floor, try to skip the last bit on the Plank by jumping across. The Bot will most likely fall to the first floor, and you will escape. Try to hide behind the room where you have to use the wrench to unlock the opposing room with lasers. It’s a great hiding spot and the Yellow Key also spawns there. If Piggy is camping, try to use a Gun. If that's not an option (maybe someone escaped with the gun?) you might have to try to get Piggy to chase you so the others can escape. It’s a selfless move, but your team will appreciate it. If it's Infection and you and another player are in the vents surrounded by Piggies, do the Piggies a helping hand and crawl to a Piggy's weapon (stay inside the vent) get infected, and catch the player to get some coins. If it is Infectiong Game mode and you have no chance of escape, try to hide in the underground tunnel. (But when people get annoyed, give in, it's morally correct.)