Chapter 3: Pro Daily Actions to Earn More AM Bucks

Pro Daily Routine to Get Free Adopt Me Bucks

Hello and Welcome to Ultimate Adopt Me money-making Guide!
In This Final Chapter you will Discover all techniques That Pro players use To maximise their Daily Income!

Discover Advanced Ways To Earn Adopt Me Bucks

Step 1 - Play The Parent Role Instead of the Baby

Choose a Parent Role If you want to earn as much Adopt Me Bucks as Possible.

As you already know a Parent can take care of a pet, a child and this child's pet all at once.

Playing as a Parent will allow you to earn Significantly more money On a daily basis, and will allow you to build up your fortune very fast.

Step 2 - Complete All Orange Objectives

Orange objectives are additional tasks that will randomly appear for pets and babies. They award 2x more Adopt Me Bucks than the blue ones, but take longer time to complete.

They usually require the player to visit a specific place on the map in order to complete it. Finding them is not hard.

Simply click on the objective icon To enable gps that will guide you To the place you need to visit.

There are at least 5 orange objectives available right now: For “Bored” one - visit the playground (or play a piano), For “Sick” one you need to visit a doctor or find the healing apples, For “School” one you need to visit school, for “Cold” one visit the hot springs and for “Camping” one you must visit the campsite.

Most of the orange objectives will require you to simply stay idle at a specific location for about 30 second in order to complete it.

Step 3 - Be a modern money-tree farmer

Money trees are an in-game item that players can purchase and place at home, to generate free Adopt Me bucks. It costs 1400 bucks, but don't be afraid to spend them if you are planning to play this game for a long time. Each day you can collect up to 100 Bucks from Money Tree.

This means it will pay for itself in 14 days and each day after that is free money and a great investment.