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Secret Adopt Me Money Making Tips & Tricks

Hello and Welcome to Ultimate Adopt Me money-making Guide!
In this chapter you will Learn all Secret Tips & Tricks Players use To Double Adopt Me Bucks Income.

Top Adopt Me Techniques To Earn More AM Bucks

Step 1 - Sell Lemonade or Hot Dogs

If you have a little bit of Robux you can buy a Lemonade and/or a Hot Dog stand to earn passive money.

To buy them visit the store page from the right side menu and find Lemonade and Hot Dog Stands. Lemonade Stand Costs 50 Robux And Hot Dog Stand Costs 90 Robux.

You can then set up the stand by taking it out of your inventory (it's located in Toys) and placing it wherever you choose.

We recommend placing it somewhere in the town center or near the tunnel, where lots of people see it for the maximum amount of exposure and profit. Please note that you can only place one of the stands at the time.

After placing the stand consider adjusting the price to whatever you feel will be fair. Lower price means more customers which will result in more profit.

You can safely leave your stand and keep doing whatever you want, because it can operate without you. These stand are a great way to earn passive money without any sweat

Step 2 - Invest in the right home decor

One of the best valued purchases in Adopt Me - is piano. Simply press edit house and search for it, it will cost you 100 Bucks and wTo cure your pets and baby's "bored" Without need to visit the playground. It will save you a lot of time.

Another great investment for the house is a water cooler. It costs 300 Bucks and as a name suggests it provides you with free water for pets and babies. The water in this cooler is unlimited, so it’s a great long term investment.

Step 3 - Use Another Account & Double your Income

Use any other device you have. Simply install the game and set up a new account, to play Adopt Me alongside your main account.

Add yourself to the friend list, join the same server as a baby and invite yourself to the family.

Now you can take care of your own pet, your baby and your baby’s pet to practically double the amount of money you can earn via objectives.