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Free Adopt Me Bucks Guide

Hello and Welcome to Ultimate Adopt Me bucks-making Guide! In the first chapter, you will Learn all daily-routine hacks & blue objectives Secrets that any Adopt Me player should perform from day one to get free and easy bucks.

Must Know Daily Tricks To Earn More Adopt Me Bucks

Step 1 - Visit The Game Day by Day

Each daily visit players get a predefined sum of free adopt me bucks that accumulates over time.

This starts with 25 Bucks on the first day, 50 Bucks for the second, 100 Bucks on the third day, 200 Bucks on the fourth day, and a gift or a cracked egg on the 5th day, additionally this counter will be reset and will start over.

Step 2 - Complete All Blue Objectives

Sleepy: Both Pets and Babies need to sleep every now and then. They can take a nap at the School, at the campsite, at Home or wherever there's an available bed.

Dirty: Use a shower or bathtub and get your pet or baby washed to complete the task successfully. Completing any blue objective will award you with 6-7 Adopt Me Bucks.

Hungry: Hungry pets or babies should be fed with any food. Any Player can use apples from the teacher's desk or Marshmallows from the campsite, they are completely free. It’s also possible to buy hot dogs on the street or other food types for this purpose at the supermarket.

Thirsty: To accomplish this task, you will need to get your pet or baby something to drink, either at the Lemonade Stand, the Coffee shop or the Supermarket. Your pet can drink at the School or the Nurseries water fountain.

Step 3 - Staying Online

Staying online in Adopt Me will make you eligible to get even more adopt me bucks.

Every so often, you will be given 20 Bucks for just being logged in the game!

You only need to check the game from time to time and accept the rewarding paycheck.