Modern House Building Guide: 2021 Edition

Build Your Dream House Fast & Easy

Surprise your friends with an amazing Modern House in Minecraft that YOU built! Start watching Minecraft house building guide now, and learn how to build your dream house fast & easy.

Modern House in Minecraft

The beautiful thing about Minecraft is how you gradually improve as a player, honing your craft, slowly developing your skill – and your personal taste often follows suit. Small, dirty shacks become beautiful villas, simple cobblestone is replaced with jungle tree or terracotta, and that pile of sand blocks you threw on the floor instead of building a bed becomes an actual bed. This is all to say that there comes a time in every Minecraft player’s life when they suddenly want to take their house building skills to the next level. Perhaps it’s time to try out a whole new design? One that incorporates a feeling of both style and luxury. We're talking, of course, about modern architecture! A good modern house builder will think about their palate, meaning which blocks they’ll use to build it. Our best advice is to stick to blocks like white concrete, light grey concrete, and stone – or similar – for the walls. White and grey work well together, especially if tied together with brown wood.