Chapter 3: Super Efficient Redstone Melon/Pumpkin Farm

Automated Lossless Melon & Pumpkin Farm

In this chapter, you will learn how to set up an efficient Redstone Melon and Pumpkin farm. This farm will provide you with an endless supply of food. It will automatically collect and store melons and/or pumpkins for you. It's super simple to build and you don’t need a lot of resources for it.

How To Build Efficient Food Farm In Minecraft

Step 1 - Starting Point

Start by setting up the base for the Minecraft rails, similar to the sugar cane farm, but this time - make it 2 blocks wide. Place powered rails on both ends of the platform. Add a chest and connect four hoppers to it.

Then add two more powered rail tracks on top of the hoppers.

Connect both ends with the regular rails.

Use Redstone torches or levers to power powered rails.

Step 2 - Setting Up Farmland

Now surround the rails with any building block you like, then place a layer of dirt blocks right above the rails.

Oh, and don’t forget to put Minecart with hoppers inside.

Finish the layer of dirt and build a place for water on both sides to hydrate farmland.

After adding water take a hoe and create farmland in a checkerboard pattern.

Step 3 - Redstone Circuits

Now place the observers on top of the water, you only need them near farmland.

Place pistons between the observers, they should be placed near the regular dirt blocks.

Build an additional layer around the pistons and observers and place Redstone dust on top of that to connect everything.

Step 3 - Farming Time

Now you can plant Melon and/or Pumpkins seed in the farmland.

Cover it with glass for protection and style points.

That’s it! Your farm is ready! When Melons or Pumpkins grow they will be automatically harvested and stored in the chest.