Chapter 2: Automated Redstone Sugar Cane Farm

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Fully Automated Redstone-Powered Sugar Cane Farm

In this chapter, we will look into fully automated Redstone-powered sugar cane farms. This farm is absolutely necessary for every base! Building it will allow you to have an endless supply of sugar cane, which's more than you will ever need. You can convert this farm into an unlimited Bone Meal Farm, using fertilizers, and a smart Minecraft Redstone Storage system.

Follow This Guide To Build This Effective Redstone Farm

Step 1 - Begin with the Foundation

Start by building a base for the Minecart rail tracks. Leave a space for a hopper and connect it to the chest.

Place powered rails at each end of the platform and connect them with the regular rails.

Use Redstone torches to power these rails.

Step 2 - Preparing the Farmland

Now build a layer of dirt blocks right above the rails, then build in a “C” shape behind the dirt and place stairs in the gap.

This is a place for the water that will hydrate our dirt.

Place blocks on top of the water and add pistons on top of them. Make sure that pistons look forward.

Step 3 - Adding Redstone

Now place observers on top of these pistons.

Add a layer of blocks behind pistons and put a Redstone dust line on top of them.

It’s almost ready! Add some blocks in front of the dirt, they will prevent sugar canes from escaping when harvesting begins. I used glass because it looks cool.

Now get a Minecart with Hopper and put it on the powered rails. Make sure they are powered by a Redstone from a torch or a lever.

Step 4 - Finishing The Build

Last step: place sugar canes on the dirt blocks and wait. Once it grows to its maximum height, observers will send a Redstone signal to the pistons and they will break a middle part of the sugar cane, leaving the bottom one as is. Minecart with Hopper will harvest all sugar canes and will store them in the chest.

This design is the most reliable source of infinite sugar cane and therefore bone meal. You can safely leave it to the farm for you.