Chapter 1: Compact Redstone Crop Farm

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Amazing Tiny Redstone Wheat/Potato/Carrot Farm

In this opening chapter, we will look into Compact Minecraft Redstone Farm. This amazing design Is a great way to get a lot of crops fast when you need them. It's surprisingly cheap and easy to build. This design can replace traditional Minecraft farms and will allow you to double your crop farming. You can grow all sorts of Minecraft crops using this unique farm: Wheat, Potatoes, Carrots, and even Beetroot. It’s also one of the fastest ways to grow and stock these resources. To build this Redstone Contraption - all you need is a piston, few dispensers, one observer, a handful of Redstone dust, and a Redstone torch.

Building Redstone Crop Farm From Scratch

Step 1 - Building the Base

Start by placing a sticky piston, facing up, and power it with the Redstone torch.

Place a Redstone repeater and right-click it once to set a 2 tick signal delay.

Place a dirt block on top of the piston and surround it with any building block you want.

Step 2 - Adding Redstone

Now you need to place three dispensers. Two of them on the left and right sides of the dirt block. Place the third one above the dirt, facing down.

Almost done! Place an observer behind the dirt block and make sure it can output a signal from the back.

Time to connect everything. Place blocks and connect observer and dispensers using Redstone dust.

Hydrating the farmland with water is necessary. Use slabs to prevent water from escaping and breaking Redstone.

Step 3 - Finishing Touch

It’s ready! Time to test it. Use a hoe to create farmland and plant seeds. If the piston retracted and returned to the original position - it works!

One last thing - add bone meal to every dispenser and try again.

Every time you plant a seed Redstone signal is sent to the dispenser to use a bone meal to speed up growth, then a delayed signal is sent to the piston, making it break an already grown crop right to your inventory.