Beginner Criminal Tips & Tricks

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There are a few useful tricks novice criminals can use to gain advantage: First, remember where criminal criminal base is located. Inside the criminal bases, there are clothes racks for criminals to remove their prison jumpsuits if they have not already, grab some weaponry, and drive out with a Camaro or (if in the Volcano Criminal Base), a Lamborghini, and if the player has the Crime BOSS Gamepass, they can pick up the Wraith and the respective gear from either one of the criminal bases. The most commonly used is volcano base. Second, get free police gear and police helicopter to kickstart your criminal activity, until you can afford your own helicopter. Last one is sort of a general rule if you want to be a better player - look at the mini map, you can spot cops around you if you pay attention to it.


Hello and welcome to the Roblox JailBreak Tips and Tricks. This part will focus on basic beginner tips. First thing you have to remember when playing as criminal - is where your base is located. Main Criminal hub or base is located under a volcano, and police can't enter it. You can go there right after escaping from prison. In this base you can find useful gear to start your criminal journey. Right after escaping from prison ride through a tunnel past weapon shop, donut store, that you can later rob, and 1 Million Dealership. Turn left right before the bridge and go to the mountain. There is a hidden entrance. That's it, you are in and can get your clothes and weapons as well as car. Also inside you can find a collector that you can sell stollen goods to. Next beginner tip will allow you to ride a helicopter and get free cop gear. All you need to do is to find a police station located near city museum, and use your car to jump on the roof. After that you will be able to go inside the police station and steal police equipment. Helicopter is waiting for you on the roof of this police station and you can easily steal it and do your criminal deeds. In the next part we will look in to cool robbery tips & tricks.