Escaping from prison

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There are a few ways of escaping from prison. First one: You need to move to visitor house. There is a wall you can blow up. Second one: Sewers! near police house, you can find vent and then try to open it.There is an exit here. Be aware of camping cops. Third one: You need to find electrical box with and punch it, gates will be open. Then just crawl under fences and you are a free man! Fourth one: You can try to steal keycard from a policeman, but that’s very dangerous, and it’s easier to try other ones.


Hello and welcome to the Roblox JailBreak Tips and Tricks. JailBreak is one of the most popular Roblox games. It is based on the opposition of criminals and police in a small town. Let's start with the criminal team. You spawn in prison your first task is to escape from it. There are 4 general ways of escaping from it. First and the easiest one is to find went shaft near police building and open it. After it's open drop down to the sewers and follow water stream. When you leave prison territory you will receive notification. Find the ladder up, and it's done, you are officially escaped the prison and now you are a criminal. Second way to escape is easy one too, but a bit slower. Find electric box near the gate and punch it until the gate opens. After that run to the first fence and lift it up. Now you are at parking lot, and freedom is almost yours. Go to the last fence and crawl under it. That's it - you escaped! The last two ways are usually not worth even trying, because they are slow and inefficient. Stealing keycard from a cop is dangerous and requires cops present in prison. And blowing up wall it's simply just the slowest way. Oh and there is another way, but you need to have a friend in helicopter to pick you up from the prison territory.