Material Properties

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Material Properties

Wooden Structures

Wooden Structures

Wooden is the prime early game material. Building from it is only viable in early game and in late game is actually very dangerous.

Wooden Structures:

  • Cost 10 wood
  • Takes up to 3.75 seconds to fully build
  • Start with 90 health
  • Have maximum of 150 health
Brick Structures

Brick Structures

Bricks is arguably the best material to build from. Brick structures have 2x health of the wooden ones, and they build 2x faster than metal structures.

Brick Structures:

  • Cost 10 bricks
  • Takes up to 12.5 seconds to fully build
  • Start with 100 health
  • Have maximum of 300 health
Metal Structures

Metal Structures

Metal is toughest and rarest material to build from. Try to don't waste metal in early game and try to save enough for the mid to late stages.

Metal Structures:

  • Cost 10 metal
  • Takes up to 25.5 seconds to fully build
  • Start with 110 health
  • Have maximum of 500 health