Free Wins with Loot Routes

Importance of Loot Routes

Hello and welcome to the Fortnite advanced loot route guide. Are getting tired of early elimination, being the last one to get your first weapon? There is a solution to it - Loot Routes. What is Loot Route? It is a term that describes remembering and mastering a specific loot location. It’s much easier than it sounds.

Let's Begin!

First - hop into the Battle Labs and choose a location to land.

Let’s try “Pleasant Park”, it’s a classic location and it’s generally a great place to get some action early.

Try to land and scout the location. Each house and building has a predefined number of loot chests in them.

This modern-looking house has only 1 chest, this makes it not the best candidate to land.

These houses have 2 chests, and they are okay-ish choices to land.

This one, however, has a whopping 3 chests inside, let’s find them. Chests emit a very distinct sound, it should not be a problem to find them.

Now that you know where chests are located, try to practice looting them as fast as possible.

Drop in the same location again, and work out the best way to get every chest.

This is basically the loot route, but the key is - to perfect it.

Repeat this routine as many times as you feel comfortable, who knows, maybe on your 10th try you will discover a super fast way to get from one chest to another.

If you feel ready, hop into the matchmaking game and try to land there. It’s important to practice at least a few loot routes on different locations because you will not always be able to land in one specific place.

Mark your landing spot and try to get to this 3-chest house, and get all the loot before everyone else. Even if there is competition - it should not be a problem, you already know this place from all the times you practiced it.

Try to get an advantage with all your newly acquired gear, and move from house to house, collecting chests and building materials. This is one of the best ways to get ahead early.

You will immediately see the results of your practice, and we guarantee that you will not regret it.