Everything You NEED To Know About Fortnite Season 6

Chapter 2 Season 6 - What's New?

In this video, we showcase everything new in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. These include everything like the new battle pass, the new map changes, and all the locations. You will also learn about all the weapons that are built around crafting with the new characters like a mechanical rifle, mechanical shockwave and explosive bow, makeshift bow, makeshift shotgun, makeshift SMG, makeshift revolver, primal rifle, primal shotgun, primal pistol, primal submachine gun, meat, animal bones, mechanical parts, and makeshift parts.

Battle Pass Skins

Season 6 also brings a new umbrella you can customize, all the new weapon wraps, skins, dances, emotes, sprays, music songs, v-bucks, banners, and everything you can possibly think of from the Battle Pass for Season 6. So, if you're looking for everything new in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 as well as all the new changes regarding weapons and features/mechanics, then this video is definitely for you.