Among Us Tips & Tricks

Learning All Basics

Learning all basics of Among Us will help you better understand how this game works, so let's dive deeper into all details of this amazing game!

100% Winrate Is Possible

These Among Us Tips & Tricks will allow you to win almost every game, as a crewmate and an impostor. Specific Other tasks are titled ‘Multi-step Tasks’. These require a full set of small objectives to be completed, in order to turn the task into a completed’ mode. ‘Fix Weather Node’, ‘Replace Water Jug’, and ‘Open Waterways’ are 3 examples of such a task. Note these long tasks are a major time consumers since in many cases- each mandatory stage needs to be performed in separate spaces, and in some cases, even in exposed areas outside. Other Tasks are titled as ‘Visual’ ones when they provide a clear indication for other players once completed successfully. Luckily, visual tasks are hard to fake by Impostors and as such, provide a good indication on the innocence of the crewmate that completed it. Note it is possible to disable those completion visual indications on demand. If visual tasks are toggled off, they are helping impostors to stay undetected since they act naturally while their worthless actions remain uncovered. All the above should not be mixed with impostors’ fake tasks - These for imposters on the top left of the screen and assist the impostor to impersonate like a crewmate, by pretending to do a ‘real’ task. When fake tasks are futile, such as the ‘medbay scan’, they ease up the unmasking of manipulative imposters.