Everything you need to know about Tutorial.gg

Who we are?

We are a small team of gamers & our goal is to create an educational gaming platform with easy to consume guides and tutorials. We’ve created Tutorial.gg with an idea to make guides and tutorials - easy to access and easy to consume. We believe games can be structured and learned just like anything else, and we try to make it possible.

Why games?

It’s clear that games are already one of the biggest if not the biggest entertainment medium in the world. Competitive games are played by millions and watched by millions. Most of the competitive games have high skill sealing and the learning curve can be very tough.

Gaming tutorials?

Our gaming tutorials and guides will focus on making learning fun and easy. Each aspect of the course like: key mechanics, tips on improving certain skills, tricks to outsmart your opponents is explained in detail and with video or image to help visualise the topic.


Our writing staff is filled with semi-pro players who are willing to share all their knowledge with players who want to improve. We often contact pro players and streamers to get some additional insight and more detailed information for each part of the course.